Bead is an electric scooter for people who use a wheelchair. The design is retro, functional and well thought out. It can be ordered in various widths. It is not a Permobil or a handicap scooter. Bead is a scooter that takes you where you want to go in any weather, even in snow and on the beach. It is easy and fun to use. You roll in with your wheelchair and with a single button you lock the wheelchair and simultaneously rice the vehicle to driving mode.

Bead is a powerful electric scooter that is equipped with a hub motor in each rear wheel, we use a generative braking system which means as soon as you release the throttle it brakes automatically. There is also a brake on the front wheel operated manually. You can drive up to 45 km with lead batteries and 95 km with Lithium Ion batteries. There is a mounted battery charger in each Bead, charging takes place through a standard electrical outlet. In Sweden the Bead is classified as a Class III bicycle and may be driven on sidewalks, bicycle streets and on the roads. It will not require any license.

If you need we can also customize your bead so you can handle an active life!

Length 163 cm (driving) and lowered 158 cm
Width from 114 cm
Weight with led batteries 192 kg (user weight max 150 kg)
Color choice is yours

Please contact us if you have any questions!

For more information about beadplease contact Per Stjärnehag (+46-705 911526) and

Mikael Zingmark (+46-730 720887).